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A. Why custom made furniture?

    You have space and you want it to look beautiful. You want furniture that fits your room (keeping specific dimensions in mind), the look of your house/ office and best matches your taste and personality. Most importantly, you must be able to walk in to your home/ office and just love the look of it every day. We will provide you with the best of our ideas and are happy to work with your ideas too. We will work with you in crafting the furniture from scratch to finish. It is all with a personalized touch!

B. How do we design for you?

    We don't believe in taking too many projects at a time. We normally take 3-4 clients at a time and work with them. This helps us to give you our focus and attention to your design needs. We are not into mass manufacturing – we create unique designer pieces that define you. We design – you enjoy!
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C. Do you undertake work for Small & Big Apartments or can undertake an order
    for one or two Bedroom also?

    Yes; we work on small apartments and even for one or two rooms if needed.

D. Do you work with interior designers and architects?

    Yes; we welcome work from interior designers and architects. We already have a great working relationship with several and are always keen on meeting and working with more. Designers / Architects understand this work best and we partner well with them on Projects - both Commercial & Residential.

E. How do we take care of wooden furniture?


      1. Avoid placing hardwood furniture directly in front of heaters
      2. Don't expose hardwood furniture to continuous direct sunlight. Draw the curtains occasionally


      1. You can apply occasional waxing or polishing to the wood.


      1. Unless your hardwood furniture has a new "super finish" or Laminated Coating to protect it, use coasters to prevent spills, stains and damage from hot dishes
      2. When dusting, always lift lamps and other objects - don't slide them across the surface
      3. Always lift hardwood furniture to move it - don't drag it
      4. Open and close doors, drawers and lids gently.